Fibromyalgia refers to a musculoskeletal condition that is associated with chronic pain and fatigue. This syndrome causes people to suffer with many different symptoms including pain, chronic headaches, incontinences and IBS.

Symptoms are often exacerbated by:
  • Stress
  • Overloading physical activity
  • Overstretching
  • Damp or chilly weather
  • Heat exposure of humidity
  • Sudden change in barometric pressure
  • Trauma
  • Another illness
At the moment, there is no known cure. Its symptoms can be managed by regular exercise and incorporating physiotherapy techniques. These relieve stiffness and ease pain on a daily basis.

How physiotherapist can help fibromyalgia?

Physiotherapy aims to help regain control of fibromyalgia. This is done by teaching how to understand symptoms and how best to manage joint pain and muscle stiffness. Gentle exercises that focus on targeting strength and flexibility are great at relieving pain. The aim is to relieve pain without exacerbating symptoms. Activities such as swimming, Pilates, walking, yoga, resistance training and cycling can also be very beneficial. 

Physiotherapists will also use techniques such as massage, dry needling, acupuncture and joint mobilisation to promote muscle relaxation and remove any areas of stress and tension. In some cases, your physiotherapist may prescribe you specific exercises to help you improve your overall posture. Having good posture can truly benefit fibromyalgia sufferers especially if they often have achy muscles.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can fluctuate on regular basis. It is important to be able to identify that some days are not as good as others and to modify activities on this basis. Your physiotherapist can help you modify your activity levels. This is not to exacerbate your symptoms but still get enjoyment from day to day activities. Physio can guide with coping strategies, and pain and fatigue management strategies. It can help improve your quality of sleep, energy levels, functional ability and your overall general health. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, contact us here on Physio Waterford or phone on 087 1218133.

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